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Sister Luisa

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SISTER Louise of ASCENSION (1565-1636) among themselves in solitude give tight hugs; and there are strong ties that tying give freedom. Sister Luisa de la Ascension. THE voice of the NUN CARRIoN’s poetry of this controversial nun, processed by the Inquisition and, subsequently, with an open process of beatification, has been qualified by some, an extremely high mystical inspiration and a great formal beauty of his verses, and by others, of bad taste and vulgar verses. Menendez Pelayo considers that the nun of Carrion was rather deluded and deceived to deception; other literary critics, on the other hand, refer to her, highlighting her life full of Holiness and as a singular figure of mystical Spanish poetry, to the point of comparing her poetry with Santa Teresa de Jesus, that we understand that it is exaggerated, even though she is the author of very successful carols, like this: Lamb of such greatness / is no wool in the yelo. I think in a Velvet / wrap so much poverty SR. Luisa de la Ascension, worldwide Maria Luisa Ruiz de Colmenares de Solis, also known as La monja de Carrion, born in Madrid on May 16, 1565, and she was baptised in the parish of St. Andrew.

They were her parents Juan Ruiz de Colmenares and Jeronima de Solis, carrioneses who had gone temporarily to the Court, due to the illness of a family member. At the age of seventeen she was taken to Carrion de los Condes and at eighteen entered the convent of Santa Clara. Of novice he distinguished himself by his great penance and in 1609 when she was appointed Abbess, for the first time, subjected to constant penances and mortifications and community to a rigid observance of monastic discipline. Sister Luisa de la Ascension founded a brotherhood of defenders of the immaculate conception which were registered not less than eighty thousand people, prelates, nobles and common people.