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The Effect

by yudaica2013 ·

We need to address our emotional issues and fears that we are tormenting. We must know that the problems that we face today, are based on the principle the cause and effect, that every fact has its consequences. But through the analysis and understanding of the cause of these fears, we can have more control over ourselves. Akin to overcome this problem, we have to remove in the depths of our being, to know what is the cause and the effect that has on us. We can know this, concentrating on our interior. Meditation, is one of the techniques that can cooperate to achieve this goal. It helps to focus our full attention on a single target or thought. This will give us the opportunity to do an auto-introspeccion.

We can measure our emotional level and our archive of personal experiences. Once you know which is our difficulty, can the decision to deal with it. With the help of time and persistence, we can overcome it, to model our interior and feel us better persons. Our past experience, will shed us plenty of light to our emotional growth. Dedicate a little of our time every day, to think and to examine our actions or reactions in the past, will help us achieve a better emotional balance and tranquility.

It increases our emotional balance, we will be in a better position to handle all the negative and unpleasant events that happen around us. We can decide which facts we take into account and what should be filtered. In this way we can close all the negative forces that affect us in life. This boost our self-sufficiency and confidence in ourselves. We take the commitment to set aside certain negative forces influencing us all the time, such as violence, crime, abuse, racism, war, poverty, etc. When we are self-sufficient and have us confidence, we can motivate other people to us a in our way of thinking. When we try in a conscious manner, to achieve emotional stability and confidence in ourselves, we will do that the world becomes a place better so that live all together. Original author and source of the article.