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In the following it is assumed that a software interface will be optimized. In this case, a Usabilitystudie in the following phases, representing at the same time the steps for the development of the re design divided: phase 1: use context analysis here the basis for all further steps. It is important to determine what people use the product, what they use it, and under what conditions they will use it. The information required on the requests that are made to the user interface, prepared from personal descriptions, interviews with the user groups and individual users observations. 2nd phase: Laying down requirements for the results of the context of of use of are the first requirements laid down. For the articulation of the requirements, the IEEE (Institute of electrical and Electronics Engineers) has a standard is issued. “This so-called Guide to developing system requirements specifications” (IEEE Std P1233/D3, 1995) designed four notable characteristics that make out well formulated requirements: the property abstractness “indicating that the requirements should be formulated independently of the actual technical implementation. Also, they may admit only an interpretation (“property uniqueness”).

In addition it must be possible to trace back to their source the requirements (“property accountability”) and it should be displayed can, that your system actually meets the requirement (“property verifiability”). 3 phase: Usability studies in the evaluation assess the Web site or software on usability potential users and experts. Numerous methods are available for this. The results are prepared such that they can be realized directly in the implementation. 4 phase: redesign the requirements and results from the usability testing are in the Design process is implemented. While the first step is a rough design”, in which the required items on the surface are arranged. This includes also the establishment of the navigation tree. In the fine design, then worked out the graphical elements and set the interaction behavior.

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