Already Hearing

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The bats in general possess a developed hearing highly, this because they possess a brain adapted and specialized to its way of life (Figure 6). Figure 6. Bat emitting ultrasonic waves Source: DURN, 2005, p.239 Already the aquatic vertebrates, as dolphins and whales, present high degree of development of the ecolocalizao. As the sound if propagates in the water the 1,500 m/s, in 2s a whale can see objects to the 1,500 distance m. Figure 7 shows the dolphin that to if approaching to obstacles, perceives the position of them, emitting and receiving sounds. Figure 7. The dolphin perceiving the obstacle Source: DURN, 2005, p.241 the SYSTEM OF HEARING REPRESENTED IN the CINEMA? DEMOLISHING FILM (DARE DEVIL) Until we made a study of the hearing and its importance in such a way for the man how much for some animals here.

We verify that the mechanical waves are the mat-laugh-cousin who enters in the auditory device, and this in turn, through physical and biological phenomena, transforms into sounds. The result of this chain of mecanoeltricas relations had been presented in the cinema, in the DEMOLISHING film (Dare Devil), where principal actor (Well Afleck) in the paper super-hero, suffers an accident in the infancy leaves that it blind. Eleento starts to develop its other directions, in special, its hearing. When adult it starts to make justice as a masked hero. But it is blind, and this, nobody perceives. It puts into motion with agility and ' ' v' ' the things through the magnetic waves, generated for its special cane, that it beats in the soil or the objects, generating waves that return it, and that with desnvolvimen it to you of its receiving system, it ' ' enxerga' ' through these waves, as well as me – cergos and the cetceos. It has a moment in the film where rains, and drops d? water falls on the face of the loved one of the hero, and the sound of the drops falling creates a field of waves that makes possible it ' ' enxergar' ' the contour of the face of it.


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