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She saw first-hand the devastation resulting from discrimination and violation of human rights. In 2001 she founded the institution of youth so for human rights international”. It is a non-profit organization, teaches young people about human rights, in particular the Universal Declaration issued by the United Nations ‘. “The ‘Universal Declaration of human rights’ was adopted by the United Nations more than 60 years ago with 30 universal rights. “Ten years ago, as we do with youth for human rights international’ began, 90 percent of respondents could not more than a maximum of three of the thirty rights call”, says Mary Shuttleworth. In meetings with government officials, citizens and municipality exponent on eight annual youth for human rights international’ congresses in different countries and places, Shuttleworth found out that most people pretty concerned, because they are human rights not or only barely know.

Not even most of them can define human rights “, much less count on human rights at all. This basic knowledge must be disseminated “, says Shuttleworth. “She compared it with Edison BBs discovery of electricity: if Edison discovery of electricity was BBs a secret and so few available said 90 percent of the world’s population still in the dark would live”. The problem was however, as the approach to the dissemination of the Universal Declaration of human rights * to you. Shuttleworth son Taron had the answer at hand. Jay Schwartz gathered all the information. He said that one should implement the attention quite simply audiovisual. “According to Taron BBs idea we sat us down and produced on a shoestring budget the today well known hip hop music video UNITED”, Shuttleworth says.

It was premiered at the United Nations in August 2004. It arrived at the people very well and was for young people in many countries of Guyana to the United Kingdom and Thailand to Tanzania to be an absolute hit. The video won more than a dozen awards all over the world. Based on the resounding success of the videos UNITED, they developed teaching materials for the Human rights education. You trained young people of different strata of society, so that they themselves could know the human rights, teach, and further give others this important information. A young singer in Canada combined with musical entertainment at local schools on human rights training. Young people in Taiwan went around the whole island with their bicycles, visited schools and met many officials. They demanded that the human rights education in this country must be promoted more. In South Africa, students played various scenes of human rights violations followed by scenes presented by the respective human rights, the human rights violations to pick up. A 12 year-old girl in India met with the President of their country, to tell him of the importance of human rights and their teaching in their own country. Shuttleworth know that the effectiveness of this Menschenrechtsprogrammes in its simplicity. Everyone can teach human rights materials. Education is a bridge, the Human rights and other positive social changes will bring”. The initiative and its valuable initiatives for human rights education support the Scientology Church international and various Scientology churches and missions. More info on people who live a life of joy and happiness with Scientology and that today shape the world, can be found on.