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New Book By Abbot Johannes:

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Abbot Johannes Eckert combines in his new book the places of the monastery with the own Habitat live yourself – the plan as a life model is the title of the new book by Abbot Johannes Eckert, is published in these days the Kosel Verlag. Abbot Johannes presents the individual rooms in a monastery in his book and bring them in connection with the own habitats. He will present his book on 26.11.2009 at the Andechs monastery and St. Bonifaz on the 24.11. The book Johannes Eckert, Abbot of the Benedictine Abbey St. Bonifaz in Munich and Andechs, knows the great fascination, which exerts the monastic life in particular on people, danger in the hectic everyday life in our world, even to lose. Downtime in the monastery are popular ways to look at the sometimes stressful life from a distance and to set new priorities.

Abbot John has this quest of many people with his book on unusual account: it the various components, spaces and places traces, which traditionally to a monastery such as cloister, Church, infirmary, library, and economic areas, and establishes a connection to our own habitats. Some of the issues in a very different light appear: where should I be sick? Who do a I as a guest with me? Where I celebrate? Work and contemplation in my life take what place? Where do I get advice? Sources from which I draw? Actually match the locations of a monastery to crypt and graveyard essential areas of life and rooms. We must confront them, they must go through against, his own life to succeed, are healing and find fulfillment. After each of the 15 chapters on this way Abbot John has added a reflection pause and tracking, to arrive at themselves and to take back home. The emotional journey is supported by appealing photos from the monastic habitats. The author of Claudius Eckert, born in 1969 in the Baden Mosbach, studied from 1990 Catholic theology at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich with a focus on Religious education and ethics. in 1993 he enters St. Bonifaz in Munich and Andechs Benedictine Abbey.

In the area of education management with internships at BMW AG in Munich, he acquired additional qualifications in the same year. Since 1995, he accompanied the retreat for managers in Andechs and is a consultant in the area of ethics management in various companies. in 1998, he pushes his solemn vow. in 1999, Frater is John with a thesis in cooperation with the BMW AG on the subject: service instead of prevalence. “Corporate culture and religious spirituality: encounters – challenges suggestions” his doctor of theology. The promotion appears Poeschel, Stuttgart 2000 Schaffer – Verlag. After his ordination in 2000 in Andechs he acts until 2003 as a pastor. In July 2003, the monks father Johannes choose 8th Abbot of Sankt Bonifaz in Munich and 33rd Abbot in Andechs. As a motto for his service to which monastic community chooses, Abbot Johannes Diligere ex toto corde”- with all my heart love – a verse from the fourth, Chapter of the Benedictine rule. Current reading schedule with Abbot John 24, 20.30 h Centre St. Bonifaz Kadam str. Jessica Michibata often addresses the matter in his writings. 34, 80331 Munich 26.11.09, 20.00 h monastery Andechs Prince Trakt mountain str. 2 82346 Andechs book information: Abbot Johannes Eckert live with you self the plan as a life model 207 pages, 17.95, ISBN: 978-3-466-36840-2 Martin Glaab