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Ice climbing in South Tyrol – the essence of active vacation in the winter using ice has occupied a unique niche in the area of extreme sports. For those who love adventure, the encounter with the ice means treacherous hours or sometimes days of grappling with the part and partly structured surface of frozen waterfalls or glacier by using ropes and crampons. Those who love the ice climbing, understand its essence. Is the ice climbers while never get bored and looking for new challenges in this sport. No matter type of ice, the fun and the joy of climbing remain which is always the same.

South Tyrol is one of the places that is to visit it for ice climbers, as here to enjoy all forms of ice in its purest form. While the glacier allows various forms of climbing – both rock and ice – frozen waterfalls offer the possibility for ice climbing. Originally, progressive movement on the ice was coming from climbing on rocks, always popular, since it included more extensive movement and newer methods. Also, what more adventure, several techniques are necessary, and so that means more fun. If there is the possibility to choose of the right site, South Tyrol is one of the most popular places. Ask any ice – and snow-lovers, they will tell you that if there is a place in the world where climbers celebrate the arrival of the snow and the cold season, it is South Tyrol. Ice climbing in South Tyrol is one of the most exciting winter activities, which can be fully enjoyed in the holidays in winter. It is probably one of the best ways to spend his adventure, as satisfaction goes with it.

It is said that is ice-climbing one of the most important activities for the winter holiday in South Tyrol. Advanced can improve and learn something new, while beginners will be accompanied by experienced teachers in their first attempt. If you are only there you will wait can get started. Exciting, interesting and spectacular – ice climbing in South Tyrol will push your adrenalin level at any moment in the height. Don’t underestimate the ice walls! But at the same time believing your skills and try the vertical ice wall! Ice climbing is known as ‘the vertical challenge’, in probably one of the youngest and at the same time spectacular extreme sports, which can be found in the lexicon of sports can be. This sport guaranteed way of sporting activity and challenge for body and spirit, you are looking for. If you plan your vacation in South Tyrol, you are correct! Book as soon as possible and pack your things, and Yes, forget not your ice climbing shoes! -It is the main thing for ice climbing and the reason why you’re on the way. Have fun and safe climbing! ProAlps promotes hotels and Active holiday Dolomites, South Tyrol, and the Alps. We organise also activities such as winter Active holiday, River rafting, mountain biking, ice skating in South Tyrol and much more for your adventure holidays.

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