All Information At Franchise Right Now In New Packaging

by yudaica2013 ·

On time at the beginning of the summer, information centre Gets a new robe: fresher, more original, yet just as informative franchise employees are constantly trying to offer something new to their readers directly. For this reason, the redesign of the website of the information centres was now, after a long time of makeover. Interested parties will find a wide range of information on the topics of franchising, business start-ups and self-employment here. The franchise glossary, for example, explains key concepts of independence easily understandable. Hear other arguments on the topic with george karfukel. In addition, General information on business financing, as well as a comprehensive list of available public funds can be found in another heading. The color scheme of the new Info Center has been designed that is the homepage of the company franchise direct (mainly in blue and orange held) and add the pages of information centres fit together and turns a coherent overall picture.

All the readers of the Info-Center-known categories were in the new layout taken over. The navigation has improved however in comparison to the “old” InfoCenter multiples, since all categories are now directly accessible by the landing page from. can be. Also, some additional categories have been added to provide yet a wider topic readers (such as expansion by franchising, international franchising”). “The articles in the category expansion through franchising” be released, correct himself deliberately on a category of entrepreneurs who are considering an expansion of their company and the franchising as a business model in question comes. Through the use of photos, the side compared to the “old” layout is both visually loosened up and on the other hand designed clearer for the reader. Karin Walker, i. A.


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