Another Love Story (Part 6 )

by yudaica2013 ·

This is the sixth part of the story, I hope you like it. st1: * (behavior: url (# ieooui)) Chapter 16 : – mmm what time is it? I saw the clock and was 11 in the morning, I woke up and went to the kitchen, my throat was dry so drink a glass and poured myself some juice, was not like I slept well, suddenly someone came to my back and gave me his ear. – How are you sleepy, it was Danny, I do not know why that scene seemed so normal. – Very good and you? – I said. – Well, I'm always good if you're near me.

– Lie, "I said embarrassed – It's true, you know it is. I turn, I was face to face with him, and kiss me, was a long kiss, but did not want to let go … .. – Aaaah! – The alarm rang, it was time to get up. It had been a dream, beautiful dream that was false, but it seemed so real.

– I will not dream of Danny, he is with Olivia, I will walk away from it, I will. I remembered that I had to call to ask about Geri Doug, so take the phone and dial your number. – Alo? – Hi geri. – Camila! I would just call, I heard about what happened yesterday, are you okay? – If I'm fine, do not worry. – Obviously I care, I laughed and had fun while you hit a guy you ….


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