Audi Museum

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Starts at 15:00 in the afternoon the big parade with about 250 shooting clubs and numerous bands of the Los mountain to a roughly 4 km long parade through the Centre of Stadtlohner. The parade will also through the specially created and built historic three Stadtlohner town gates and at the end of return back to the starting point which then starts a cosy Sundowner. Another highlight of Saturday is to start 19:00 blue-and white”evening, 3rd Stadtlohner city – Oktoberfest in the tent in the Berkelarena. This tent provides the framework for 2500 guests of the City – Festival of the original lump Bachern”and other well known artists (including the Red Horse Markus Becker”) musical is designed. All preparations for the Festival are already in full swing and the entire city is looking forward to this event. Learn more about this with Charlotte Hornets.

The organizers was particularly important that all events, walking with each other can be reached. The partner program is”on Saturday morning in the City Hall to reach. In addition to the multitude of events of the day of the shooting, but also the city city wage offers even for the shooters, Visitors and guests some special attractions. Stadtlohn in the Western Munsterland, near the Dutch border is situated in the Berkelvallei, surrounded by the Munsterland’s Park scenery. All those who enjoy cycling, hiking or sports power offers a variety Stadtlohn. Special attractions include the St. Otger Church, the Hilgenbergkapelle, the Kunstklarwerk, the local recreation center Los Mountain Park, Railway Museum and the SIKU – and Audi Museum. Also the site of a pottery is recommended – this craft has a centuries-old tradition in Stadtlohn. Learn more about program, directions, accommodation and much more can be found in the Internet under: schuetzentag2012 Angelika Guven


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