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With Thread I shave successfully introduced in Spain the system of shaving with thread. We are pioneering in bringing to our country most natural and effective Eastern traditional techniques of beauty and now we introduce the cone-heard ones. The cone-heard ones are a system used during centuries in China to maintain the hygiene of the ears and to treat several auditory symptoms. The cone – heard they are a system simple, safe and effective to take care of the hygiene of the ear of natural form. It eliminates the earwax with the effect chimney. They work when the heat generated by the combustion of the cone penetrates delicately in the auricular channel softening the earwax extracting it by the effect chimney In addition stimulates the acupuncture points and revitalizes the circulation producing an pleasant sensation of well-being. The aspiration created in the base of the cone by the ascending hot air, favors the elimination of impurities, deposits and water residues of the auricular channel. In addition aid to restore the correct tension of the eardrum and to correct it bothers sensation of covered ears.

It favors the defenses of the ear and prevents the formation and excessive accumulation with earwax that can be the cause of numerous annoyances. From the first application the well-being sensation notices and a healthful relajante effect. The cone ones are a natural system for the hygiene of the ears can be repeated whichever times is needed. 15 minutes last. Besides cleaning indeed the ears it prevents many auditory upheavals like vertigos, covered whistles, imbalance, hummings, noises basic, ears, etc. The cones are indicated in adults, children and external people with prothesis acoustic. We in With Thread Shave, we offer natural and beneficial techniques of beauty for the health. As much the face shaving with thread, as the cones or candles for the ears, are two techniques that are very fashionable in NY in the USA.


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