Between Sardinia Blues And Jazz

by yudaica2013 ·

“Red Rock & Blues”, “Time in Jazz”, “The boundaries between Sardinia and Jazz”, “European Jazz Expo” to quote the more familiar names. Musical events like these are repeated for several years usually during the summer season. The jazz and blues players in Sardinia and lack the presence of other groups to encourage the nights of festivals. So many tourists (and the Sardinia) not only passionate but also curious, ranging from a town in the island to another to attend these events. Are you going to decide to take part in a unique concert going on in the town.

And those who decide to spend more days in the place where concerts are held. Many people choose to come in, spend their holidays on the coast and spend their time almost exclusively to relax by the sea in Sardinia offer beautiful beaches. Many want to know the rest of the island, the most secret and authentic interior, the other Sardinia. You can find places of quite different, charming and rich and unique in their natural and cultural features. A real opportunity to meet a beautiful area of the island to taste the flavors, aromas, colors and above all the sounds, the Time in Jazz jazz music festival conceived and organized by the famous Sardinian trumpeter Paolo Fresu. It is without doubt one of the best known in Sardinia. The concerts are held in the most unusual and fascinating, in the mountains, near lakes, in front of rural churches, small town squares or in places like the regional museum of wine.

It’s hard not kidnapped sixties and participate in music. The atmosphere is unique with the simultaneous presence of natural landscapes, musical notes and the magical village. The festival is held in the second week of August in Berchidda, in the historic region on the border Logudoro Gallura in the north-central. The village, clinging to the slopes of Mount Limbara, surrounded by woods and vineyards and giogantinu Vermentino comes Nestled in the mountains near Lake Coghinas. The area has a discrete number of facilities for those who want to be near places of Time in Jazz, of course, the reservation must be made well in advance. Ena Berchidda and neighboring towns as Pattada, Monti and Oschiri are some hotels, bed and breakfast and cottages. A few dozen kilometers away are the renowned coastal areas as Budoni, San Teodoro, Olbia and Costa Smeralda. These are areas with many facilities which certainly easy to find places available. In particular, offers many real possibilities of accommodation for every taste, serviced apartments, hotels, camping and a lot of houses for rent.

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