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Training is essential for this breed is not recommended at all to buy a puppy if the future owner has no time to train him or take him to train. It needs continuous practice exercise so it is a working breed. The German Shepherd excel in sports like Schutzhund, which is a good alternative to help keep it healthy and balanced both physically and mentally. Field trips, beach or mountain are necessary and advisable especially if allowed to run at will at least twice a month. Thus, strong muscles will stay fit and help preserve his mental balance, being a particular race temperament predisposed to disorders that in extreme cases degenerate into neurosis. It is preferred over the 3 months of life make his first bath in a warm place where the dog is not at risk of injury, using neutral soap or shampoo.Whether you are fed with good quality or BARF diet is important to take care taken to avoid overfeeding as it has a voracious appetite that can lead to suffer from gastric problems, which badly treated, degenerate into chronic diarrhea. It is advisable to go to the vet at least once a year for a check up. Daily brushing is necessary to keep the dead hair hang from the limbs and neck, this also allows your hair is kept bright, healthy and beautiful.

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