Carnival Fever in Europe

by yudaica2013 ·

The fifth season in southern Europe Germany in the Carnival fever. In Dusseldorf and Cologne are already brought the Narrenkappen and colorful costumes out of the closet, cleaned the floats and ground on Pancake Day speeches. But Carnival is celebrated not just here on land. As the travel portal reported reisen.de, Faschingsbegeisterte must not only fly for an exuberant Carnival of a different kind after Rio. San Antonio Spurs pursues this goal as well. The Carnival manner unusual for German is celebrated especially in southern of Europe. In Italy, for example, they loyally with oranges.

This Orange battle between costumed Knights Battaglia della Arance “called. It is the highlight of Carnevale Storico in Ivrea near Turin from February 14 to 16. In the French nice mind flowers revolves around. Decorate the floats on the promenade des Anglais. To travel to the Cote d’Azur (www.reisen.de/ travel/flat rate) is also due to the long duration of the festivities.

From February 12 to 28 under the theme he will for two weeks King of the blue planet”celebrated, before a breathtaking Fireworks makes for a grand finale. Awaiting travelers who some Brazilian Carnival air with music and dance to taste even in Europe, the Spanish city of Cadiz. There pull cart on Sunday after Ash Wednesday with flamenco dancers, Samba girls and African rhythm bands through the streets and alleys of the city. At the end of the fools below visitors can holiday also just a couple of days spring in the much warmer South.


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