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The exhibition explores current social and political issues, as well as the role of contemporary art power games MachtSpiele. The public already considers it natural that a bevy of world stars occurs at the Budapest Spring Festival. In the series of meetings of worlds”focuses the program of the best in the international art scene. This year we welcome one of the most sought after violists, Jurij Baschmet, he plays at the top of the Moscow soloists. Romantic ARIA dinner of the South American Erwin Schrott (Uruguay), viewers meet a comet-like singer, the ideal Don Giovanni in our days. For a long time, not only gourmets rave”for the music of the Italian sound body of Il Giardino Armonico. The ensemble with an excellent youth work by Handel comes after Budapest, the oratorio la Resurrezione (the Resurrection). In the young ensemble of international soloists Names that can be all big personalities in the future.

The virtuoso percussion artist Evelyn Glennie is already one of those: the artist considers her body as a resonator, occurs mostly barefoot because she feels low sounds through their sole. United Kingdom be also Emma Kirkby, Michael chance, as well as the historical ensemble Florilegium. Their program are rarely played works by Vivaldi and Pergolesi. The performers of the highest class of the music include Nigel Kennedy and Paco de Lucia. Kennedy plays in its recent programme of Baroque music and jazz, Bach and Duke Ellington. Venue of the meeting with the master of fiery Andalusian rhythms and melodies, Paco de Lucia, is the Palace of arts. For those who admire the Spanish temperament, is also the Lorca-evening of the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucia a must.

Friends of modern dance should consider the program of the Arnie Zane Dance Company choreographed by Bill T Jones. 2010 also several holds music historically significant anniversaries. This traditionally commemorates the Budapest Spring Festival with a rich offer.

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