Exchange Programs

by yudaica2013 ·

Exchange Programs The School has more than 50 exchange programs with the best universities in the United States, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Australia and Japan, where students can pursue one or two semesters abroad fully validated his career. There are also many foreign students coming to study at the university both as a permanent exchange, contributing significantly to a worldview of business. Significantly, the European community designating the University of Chile as a focal point Alban (scholarship scheme for the European Union) and has the largest number of international agreements for student exchange. You should have agreements with China. Current (More than 50 active agreements)-University of California, Berkeley, USA. UU.-University of Georgia, USA, Tulane University, USA-University of Barcelona, ESSEC, France-University of Rouen, France, Waseda University, Japan Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany-University of Alberta, Canada-University of Auckland, New Zealand In process-Science Po, France-Paris XII, France-HEC Paris, France-University of Puerto Rico, Universidad Aut noma de Madrid

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