Festival Sziget

by yudaica2013 ·

Today, on this can be laugh, and with , which then 'stuck on' we are not very attractive tab, make friends. Different situations have occurred on the route – when, for example, did not miss any of our musicians, and had to act without him. But under any circumstances try to play good. 'The Poles are very positively disposed towards the Ukrainian' – Festival Sziget, where you played on stage with The Prodigy, Placebo, The Offspring, Fatboy Slim and other groups in contemporary international tour – fresh trophies List your victories. Despite this, you do not like the person is experiencing dizziness from success. – The President could begin to turn, if our success was instantaneous. And we worked during the day. We are very encouraged by the achievement of German Group 'Rammstein' (smiles – aut.) They also sang in their native language, not English.

For us, this is an example of teamwork, the group does not allow himself to relax. – The latest album, 'Gaydamaky' recorded with the legendary Polish band Voo Voo, went gold – it sold out in two weeks. It was a surprise for you? – For us – yes, but for Woo Woo – not because they have all the platinum discs. Cooperation with the Poles was nice because we saw how to properly selling albums of those who can do it. With them, we played about fifty concerts, and are now working on a new project – we want 'outswing' famous compositions of rock and roll, close to us in spirit.


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