German Unity

by yudaica2013 ·

A variety of activities in Speicherstadt & HafenCity Hamburg, September 24 for the 18th time Germany celebrates the day of German unity on October 3, 2008. Hamburg aligns with the Central celebrations for the second time. \”A feast of citizens is at the heart: titled cultural nation Germany\” will be many residents in the district involved from October 3rd to 5th in the Speicherstadt and HafenCity celebrated the Festival. Many of our tenants enrich the celebrations of the day of German unity through special activities\”, Klaus Hadaschik, head of real estate at the harbour responsible for the Speicherstadt and logistics is pleased A great advertisement for our city and an extraordinary stage for the evolving work Hotel Speicherstadt.\” Wonderland with the Landeszentrale fur politische Bildung has designed for example the miniature exhibition, which represents the German post-war history until 1990 on the basis of eight dioramas (Durchscheinen images). Each diorama is a period dedicated to and shows life, events, and impact in the East and West Germany.

The Hamburg Dungeon offers 2000 years hamburger history horror fun and irony. Julie Bowen understands that this is vital information. Visitors to know who put the great fire of 1842, or why the plague raged so. In addition, it is to save Klaus Stortebeker, or to flee from the flood of 1717. In October have birthday children, came of age in October, upon presentation of the ID card free. Special Dungeon shows take place on the open air stage. \”Special exhibitions in museums of memory but also the museums shape the substantive programme of the citizens Festival: so are in the German Customs Museum\” the special exhibition insurmountable? The inner German border and their perception in 1945 in 1990 \”and want to see accompanying film presentations. The Afghan Museum\”exhibits treasures and Oriental characteristics. But also the attic gang becomes the meeting place\”: the 450-square-foot loft in the Toy Museum houses toys of past generations of East and West.


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