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selling?. The communication should focus on the message and the recipient does not seek to give everything to everyone, this all you will get is the dispersion. As I explained in other articles, the positioning is the mental place that occupies a brand within the mind of the consumer, and when the work is well done, the customer has one idea, a concept that associates your brand: quality, speed, youth, safety, profitability, etc. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Anna Belknap. This concept must differentiate us from the competition, put us in a place that they will not reach (easily). Focused on the brand, achieve this replaces a noun or verb is the phenomenal.

I mean, simple: instead of saying people take a soda say Let’s take a Coke, I have a headache, I’ll take me a Geniol. With this we are getting a bit to what is Branding, the power of the brand. Obviously this is achieve a much more complex job that get a good SEO. But it is essential to address the strategy (and I personally, I have a special worship by the subject). We must find the place where your company fits and is unique (or first, or different), in which your company makes a difference. Returning to the Internet, we must find the words (or combination of them) and achieve being in the first places of the best search engines, develop an interactive graphic, dale advertising push and make a difference. Now repeat this out loud: the Internet is fabulous, economic, global, interactive, sensational but is another medium of communication, and if you sell spare parts for motor vehicles, their main clients are taxi drivers place their chips on the radio. Again, I hope you liked this article. Many times done them short and synthetic I let many things in the pipeline. Please let know via email at Eng. Guadalupe Cano Leon 314e-consulting.com Blog personal: canoleon.com.


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