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Even to this day, there are many businesses that are unaware of the existence of the tripartite Foundation and the money they have available to spend on training every year. The tripartite Foundation is a public entity that is responsible for managing the credit to the formation of all companies. Companies, traded to the social security by training, in nominas of all workers, we can see which are performed every month for this reason and discounts that are aimed at the tripartite Foundation. From January to December, the company quoted Social security by training, and from the following January, can recover it in training for their workers. To recover the amount the company has paid to the tripartite Foundation, workers must perform some type of training (course, master, seminar) in any of the forms of training (face-to-face, distance, e-learning). A worker who performs such training must have a contract, according to the General regime of workers.

The shape of recover it is as follows, the company must pay the amount of training, prior to the completion of this forming entity, forming entity (or other organizing entity authorized by the Fundacion Tripartita) shall process the application of the company include such training between training actions of the company subsidised by the tripartite Foundation, so after completing that actionthe company will be notified that can already recover the amount. To retrieve it, the company shall include in social insurance in the same month of completion, in box of discounts by training (601) amount to reclaim or retrieve. This amount will be deducted from the amount payable to Social security that same month. All companies have credit training, which varies depending on the number of workers half of the previous year and what you have quoted. How can we know the credit that we have? There are various ways of knowing available credit for the company, first we must Let us look at the dish half of workers in the previous year.

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