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Ferienregion Lipno dam (Lipno), the largest artificial lake of in the Czech Republic Bohemian Forest nature reserve sometimes the financial and temporal opportunities not sufficient, to drive several weeks during the holidays. It is also not necessary, often a week or an extended weekend in beautiful, natural surroundings of the stress of everyday life to recover and then fresh and energetic again to get home. The recreation area of the Lipno lake in the beautiful Bohemian Forest offers excellent opportunities for this purpose. Here, the green lungs of Europe invites visitors to relax and feel good, and offers at the same time numerous opportunities for creative leisure. The Lipno dam lake is located directly on the Austrian border of in the Czech Republic in the National Park and protected landscape area umava and is today one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bohemia since the 1960s. Numerous tourist attractions make the Lake a visitor magnet for every year thousands travellers from Europe and around the world.

The whole environment is very well-developed tourist and a point of attraction for nature lovers and water sports of all kinds. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Larry Culp. Whether sailing, canoeing, tennis, there are offers for every taste and budget. Charlotte Hornets pursues this goal as well. Here also are the popular leisure park Marina Lipno and hundreds of anchorages for yachts, as well as sports halls for every taste, a cable car (on the mountain of stuff Olin) and an indoor pool with a subtropical atmosphere. Who rather leisurely pace it would take, can relax with a boat cruise on the Lipno lake and enjoy the superbly preserved nature. The area around the Lipno lake is ideal for a relaxing spa break. Through its pristine nature, friendly people, the pleasant climate and countless opportunities for personal recreation, the area is ideal for a Wellness vacation. Who wants to get his rest a few days and want to experience at the same time varied vacation, will feel right in here.

In esky Krumlov (Cesky Krumlov) can visit also the beautiful castle and the castle of the Pearl of the Bohemian Forest history and culture lovers, which was recorded in the list of world cultural heritage by UNESCO. The castle complex with its picturesque Tower has always been a magnet for visitors and offers three different guided tours, in which you put themselves back on entertaining art in the past can be holidaymakers. Also interesting: Bears are kept at the entrance of the castle for centuries! Also hikers and cyclists come fully at their own expense in the region around the Lipno lake. Every year more hiking and cycling are applied excellently signposted forming many different tours and running all alone the entire beauty of the region explore can be. Anyone looking for a hotel in Frymburk or a hotel at Lipno, in which he would like to spend a cheap getaway, is well catered for in the Maxant. It offers six days short holiday on the Lipno lake from 176 euros. Here they can also relaxing back and neck massage and other spa treatments such as Take light therapy or sauna in the claim. Also a Jacuzzi, an indoor swimming pool and cabins available without extra charge and guarantee a completely relaxing stay. Indulge yourself with exit from the everyday hustle and bustle is a week and spend your getaway surrounded by untouched nature and numerous ways to the individual leisure activities. Guests can enjoy the extensive opportunities to impress the region and the hotel Maxant await you! Martina Semsova-Hotel Maxant Frymburk

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