Minas Gerais Pollution

by yudaica2013 ·

The Stream of the Cercadinho is fit as special classroom for the COPASA, therefore the pollution that infiltrates in the area modifies the quality of the water of the Stream that supplies the city (Minas Gerais, 1997). Still in accordance with Blacksmith (2003, apud AMORIM, 2007) the pollution has as the one of its sources local, receiving road system of oils, greases and too much residues of the vehicles that pass through for it and are washed by the rain and lead to the Dry Lagoon and of this for the Stream of the Cercadinho. Another source of pollution is the sanitary residues, launched in secrecy in the Lagoon, proceeding from the laudering of the sidewalk or cars, these pollutants can migrar long distances and to contaminate water-bearing of other regions. The pollution of the water-bearing ones, therefore, is an ample problem and that it not only harms the region its entorno, but also the city of Belo Horizonte that is supplied by these waters. Confirmed such the situation, the Periodical BEEN OF MINES, in news article of day 11/06/09 on the workmanships in Belvedere III, published that ' ' Others two workmanships in BH go to benefit to the Region Center-South. The first one, calculated in R$ 7 million and that it must be ready in up to one year, will be destined to the Dry Lagoon, in the Belvedere Quarter, where the city hall will construct a canal for the captation of the water. Also it will have the cleanness of the basin to prevent the empoamento of water. The Dry Lagoon has potential to be an important card-postcard of the Center-South, therefore, beyond the pretty green area surrounded by some skyscrapers, it is a natural fishery of birds. Until owls they live between the trees of the place, that receives all the mornings, hundreds of people who make walked to its redor.


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