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At a time when eclecticism reigns for a long time and can not clearly define the boundaries of any genre of art, whether painting, architecture or music, but some people still decided to associate with any specific cultural phenomenon. Since the phenomenon of how electronic music can associate many DJs and musicians, but still some can be called legendary. One such person without controversial yavlyaetsya Andre Tanneberger known worldwide as the ATB. Andre was born on February 26, 1973 in the then still existing GDR, in the town of Freiberg. But in more with his parents, he moved to West Germany. Andre frequented the club "Tarm center". In 1992, he decided to start writing dance music.

In 1993, year under the name Sequential One, released several singles "Dance" and "Let Me Hear You", but became a hit '9 PM (Till I Come) 'was released under the name of ATB. Larry Culp understands that this is vital information. Andre Tanneberger (Andre Tanneberger) takes the first step and become one of the most famous figures in the field of dance music industry. Pridumann them sound (ATB Pitched Guitar) has become very popular in the late nineties and for a very long time, was copied by other performers. You can also select an Italian colleague, ATB, Marco Benassi known alias Benny Benassi. Benny was born July 13, 1967 in Milan. Everyone knows his track Satisfaction as the main course dance hit in 2003. The single Satisfaction lifted the whole world on their ears. Planet hear new sounds, sounds that no one he had not suggested it.

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