Nature Reserves

by yudaica2013 ·

Sudak area has a diverse and rich nature with shady mountain forests, waterfalls and caves, beautiful cliffs and valleys of grace. Some of the withers and decrepitude of mountain slopes is noted only in the coastal area. The local forests are not felled at one time the stakes for vineyards, so they are now treeless, and prone to erosion, which, incidentally, and gives them a special beauty. Click Boxing champion to learn more. In the area of the set of protected objects of different levels protection. At all remarkable and easy to transport to the objects are organized excursions. For even more analysis, hear from Anna Belknap. And next to Sudak: State Reserve New World, Cape Alchak with Aeolian harp and Forest Park Perch – easy to get independently.

The set of active travel routes allow us to estimate the charm of pristine nature of these places on foot, horseback, mountain bike or jeep. A boat trips more comfortable, but give an unforgettable impressions. First of all, in the bay of the New World, as well as along the recently declassified Cape Meganom also an object of natural reserve fund. It is interesting unique plant complexes connecting the mountain and steppe species, as well as the rich world of coastal waters, it is very transparent and clean. Very peculiar corner of the Crimea in a surprisingly large and diverse silhouettes and colors of a mountain bowl. Besides the beaches, a small embankment, pleasant and moderately rich entertainment, city parks, good only major resorts. The city itself as a not – there are a few uninteresting neighborhoods Soviet buildings, separated by large vacant lots. Not very clear and very unfinished transport system, so mercilessly pylyat road in dry weather and very dirty in the wet.

In general, – 'a dwarf on the shoulders of giants. " Hard to believe that a thousand years at least Pike was one of the major cities in Europe and played a crucial role in world trade. Now, all that is in Sudak really interesting and pleasing to the eye – is linked to tourism and summer vacation. From year to year wasteland 'delayed' luxurious private hotels and resorts, shopping arcade are becoming brighter and more civilized. In general, the city is trying to please the guests.


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