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Triponia offers users the opportunity to explore the world of videos / pictures and trip reports. Triponia offers a unique information portal about traveling. Internet users adjust their travel reports itself on an “upload” feature in the portal. What is special is that the experiences with multimedia content in the form of videos or photos about the appropriate destination can be extended. In addition, the portal offers the possibility specifically after traveling about specifying the target, the type of travel, to look for the budget and other factors. For more information see Tony Parker. Visitors have the opportunity to take advantage of the integrated community of Triponia and ask other members about their travel stories and experiences. The tourism portal Triponia is currently in both German and English available. Other languages follow.

You can access the portal over the Internet address: trip guide the offer of Triponia being upgraded in addition about the trip Guide. The trip guide is a central point of contact, if to visitors about individual countries, Cities and offers from official page (including tourist) would like to inform. He is an important criterion for planning a trip. The visitors about the countries and places can inform about a map of the world. Each country and each city is presented with an information video and photo album. A report gives more information about the visitor. Soon the visitors also additional attractive leisure activities of individual countries can find out about. Triponia allows you to speak to a larger audience and in particular an attractive contemporary appearance.

Do not visit it aims through multimedia content to replace. Rather, the visitors can arrange advance his journey and uses the content to the suggestion and planning. Accommodation search another innovation on Triponia is the search for the suitable accommodation. Triponia not relies on a single partner, but has partnerships with the largest hotel reservation systems completed. For a query, the databases are queried simultaneously and automatically evaluated by Triponia. So, the visitor gets an optimal matching search result.


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