Poetical Language

by yudaica2013 ·

The first one of the communication forms was the gestual. Later they had come the sounds, the principle disconnected, later linked or combined between itself to mean some thing. The poetical language, through the joint of concatenated sounds, was one of the first manifestations or attempts of the art of if communicating, in verbal or written way. To read more click here: Larry Culp. The first poets of the humanity were illiterate and communicated its thought verbally. the workmanship of the great historians originally arrived in them through the poetical language or in verses. The poems of the poet and Greek historian Homero are examples: The Iliad and Odissia; Eneida, of the Latin poet Virglio, called epic poems. But others exist, as the Lusadas, of the Portuguese Luis of Cames; The Lost Paradise, of the English John Milton; The Divine Comedy, of Italian Dante Alighiere; Fausto, of the German Johan Wolfgang von Goethe; the diverse workmanships in verse of the English poet William de Shakespeare and of other poets. The Poetry is the manifestation in verse of human thought.

What it is Verse? We could say that verse is the poetical unit. Estrofe is each one of the one lines. can consist of only one word and one monosslabo: Ei and from we have verses of two, three, four, etc. words or syllables there. Examples: To love (a word, two syllables)? Monstico verse and disslabo Are to want (two words and three syllables) — Dstico verse and trisslabo Are to please! (two words and four syllables) — Dstico and quatrissilbico verse and so on. the meeting of these three verses in one estrofe takes the TERCETO name. After terceto, we have quarteto, quinteto, sexteto, etc.

Estrofe is a set of verses. It can be of one, two, three, etc., up to ten. More than ten are estrofe irregular. It enters the types of poetry we have: the Hai-kai, of Japanese origin, three verses, I originally contend first and last the 5 syllables, and as the seven.


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