Scrap Metal Scrap Prices Continue To Rise More And More.

by yudaica2013 ·

Why the scrap metal price in Germany is growing more and more The main reason for the price explosion in the scrap metal market is the banking industry, according to study the expansive economic growth in China – the People’s Republic of crude steel production has tripled in the past ten years. With the expansion of the electrical industry and the construction sector increased copper consumption and demand. Nickel and manganese were always in demand – it is crude and refined through to stainless steel. In China, there is a real steel boom: In the first half of 2005 were around 30 percent of global crude steel produced in China by the end of 2006, the country’s production capacity is expected to increase even more – from around 290 million tonnes to around 320 million tonnes of crude steel per year. Much of the steel produced here on the electric steel process. Its raw material is scrap – and this leads to increasing demand for scrap metal. During the early 90s due to the removal of the scrap metal market in the former GDR enterprises was flooded and prices fell, the need is nowhigher than the supply. This drives the prices up ton. Metal thieves, and calls to action. To make a big deal with the scrap that now drive in Germany to gather with thousands of small trucks and even with young supporters through the streets to scrap from households. Bring them to the scrap Grohndlern of these then by copper, aluminum, lead, iron and other metals

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