See Riding Hood

by yudaica2013 ·

And continue with the next carrot than us aten front. Until one day, bored and without realizing, let’s see that has been done at night. And that was over time. And we understand that we have squandered the life in all these crap. Hell is when comes the end of your days, you’re face to face with the person who you could become. This is me We are doing hands, we will end up crying. And it was not my intention, rather the opposite.

Let’s see how I fix it. See Riding Hood was not road, which also gives much grief and is highly regarded. Now I remember! I am writing about how to avoid three myths, three preconceived ideas, us predisposing toward an attitude that creates a vicious circle, a vision of life immature and materialist, that prevents that we can progress and improve as human beings. That. If Mr. To make something in harmony, you need that everything affects what is in balance. That forces counteract to others. The Greeks already used this term: in the human being when a force overlapped to another, an imbalance that generates the disease originated.

It is clear that to achieve peace, harmony, we need balance, balance in our lives. And here is where comes into play the idealized image that we sell over and over again. The three false myths that we must break to improve our personal development. This elongates much and would be better to continue in another article. That relief right? You’ve spared, for now. I hope the second part. I know good @ and returns to see me, that I am very alone, I’m afraid, and I hear voices. And I see things. Original author and source of the article

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