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As an industrial engineer will discuss the solutions that I believe are optimal for a good result in the candy store: Before making a decision about accepting the request from K-mart, they should analyze the profitability of such exports. Evaluate all management members that the business profits would, like the investments needed to comply with the proposal. an amazing success is Needed to be clarified from the outset that the company needed to sacrifice time in the order of K-mart, or to reinvest to achieve to float both domestic demand and exports. Define cost overruns and production costs incurred to evaluate recruiter profit margin export sales versus domestic sales. Making the recruitment business units see the big picture of the company, not just their small environment with individual responsibilities of each operation.This is achieved by the company expanding into recruiting training employees in ownership of the company, explaining that as the company grows in all its business units so it managed to grow and meet its goal of innovation and as this is achieved then the fruits will be seen on pay. Show monthly charge of all business units as the company grows with input from all business units, identifying their performance but not make them part of a whole. As the company expects to grow must expand production capacity and storage.if you do not have the necessary resources should be thought of schedule for job search dates where there are larger number of orders, small businesses employ to make the product fresh recruiting out of the company and thus move products to small and able to meet both domestic demand and external. Search for investors wishing to purchase shares of the company sales jobs and to obtain financial liquidity, thus expanding the business is done and be able to achieve what the company president wants. Inform all members of the company’s overall objectives to be achieved and how each must contribute to achieving them. With these solutions is expected to achieve greater ownership by the managers of business units with the company. As will be implemented solociones expect that earnings were increasing and achieving physical growth and market recognition. So each worker would ensure their individual interests but seek solociones to achieve the goals that we have united as a company.

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