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Art on canvas the symbiosis of topics artfully staged the visitors presented a new series of works by two outstanding artists from Greece. Maria Tsimbourla & Martha Tsiara show their medium-format pictures of the CIRCUS theme the first time together in Vienna OF DELIGHTS. Sela Ward has plenty of information regarding this issue. The artworks of lead in a seductive and colorful dream world: through a combination of three-dimensional objects and strong coloring, they create a new world, intense and gorgeous. “, so Martha Tsiara, a sustained journey into theatre landscapes presented in a succession of scenes ambiguous symbols and dangerous gestures by acting-defining people, apparently after a role in looking for a piece.” the colourful paintings are determined by ideas that combine the impossible, “Maria Tsimbourla told next, organic shapes encircle the images in an attractive environment. The artworks show sometimes chaotic details and work in a very intense way.” The unusual work by Maria Tsimbourla & Martha Tsiara are from 3 May 2011 / 19:00 in the Studio Sylvie PROIDL until 6.?AI presents.

circusofdelights.blogspot.com opening: May 03, 2011 at 7 pm opening speech: Mag.art. Sylvie PROIDL open so: May 04-06, 4-8 pm Studio Sylvie PROIDL Schottenfeldgasse 76/2, 1070 Vienna Tel: 0043 / 1 / 523 38 34 MARTHA TSIARA: born in Athens study: Athens School of fine arts (painting in the atelier of ch. Botsoglos;. Set in the workshop of G. Ziacas and engraving in the workshop of T. Exarchopoulos). Academie Royale de Beaux Arts in Belgium University of Westminster in London post-graduate studies (master of interactive multimedia) Martha Tsiara was born in Greece / Athens, where she also lives.

Their training led them from Athens School of fine arts to the Academie Royale de Beaux Arts in Belgium and the University of Westminster in London post-graduate studies (master of interactive multimedia). Art was always a part of your life. Underline participation in various group exhibitions at home and abroad, as well as her work as a freelance web designer The diversity of this extraordinary artist.

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