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Bavarian artist Franz Heigl at the age of 74 died of Chiemgau known especially in art publishing circles artist Franz Heigl died on 03.September, 2011 at the age of 73. With over 1 million reproductions, Heigl was one of the most successful artists of the last decades in Germany. His works are international, for many different license projects and reproductions sold. Franz Xaver Heigl was born in 1937 in Fernsdorf in Bavaria and already developed an interest in art as a child. After training for the posters and advertising Designer, he worked for many years across in the fashion industry. Follow others, such as Tony Parker, and add to your knowledge base.

From 1975 to 1988, he led a company. Only at the age of 53 years Franz Heigl devoted to the painting completely. Since 1989, full-time, he painted in his studio in the Bavarian Traunreut. Franz Heigl painted mainly decorative motifs, such as still lifes. Here, he preferred floral motifs, combined with a taste for Mediterranean landscapes with different objects. The colours ranged from different warm Red, Orange, or yellow tones to black and white work. The current works were adapted and performed mostly with watercolor or tempera a modern – decorative tastes. Despite some criticism of Heigl motif choice, he represented the claim with his pictures always many people to reach and to make happy.

In an interview in 2001, Heigl said: “I found just a way for me which allows me to make many people happy with my pictures.” Franz Heigl participated in over 40 European exhibition in the course of his artistic career. Works of the artist were shown for the first time in a solo exhibition in the summer of 2011. About 400 different motives from Franz Heigl ( artist/franz-heigl.html) many art prints are available as reproductions, internationally as well as on canvas by the German art publishing poster lounge GmbH. “Instructions for the creative design for home painting with Franz Heigl Heigl also published his books”. Franz Heigl was represented the Frankfurt artists agency art & design licensing by Antje Jentsch. The head of the Agency was very dismayed at the unexpected death of the artist: “In more than 10 years our cooperation a close friend had become me Franz Heigl”. Company description of the 2003 founded Leipzig art publishing poster lounge GmbH sells via the Internet shop pictures, art prints, posters and art images in various formats. The company brought on current contemporary art, modern art and design, as well as the works of art of great Patriots, which is found only in posters lounge specialized. If successful gift idea, or trendy wall decoration for private or business premises – poster Lounge offers you the appropriate image.