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Beth Alves

by yudaica2013 ·

Unconscious conscience I do not want to think about the time, the age, the solitude. I do not want to have haste to arrive where I do not know, I only want to occupy, to dream. Therefore when I dream, forget everything. I travel in the time and space. Nothing one becomes impossible, nothing is distant. Not enxergo limitations, persecutions or disillusions. Everything is perfect. The adrelina runs in my blood, boils in such a way of wanting To want the possible one, to want my dream To construct a solid, resistant, unimaginable base for some But, more real me of what never.

Necessary to have projects, ideas and ideals, My mind is a plant of assumptions that the times, are so real that I obtain to only carry through them pra me. It does not matter what I passed, or what I suffered, imports this force That I have inside of me. He is God, in its bigger benevolence that makes of me, still to be able to dream, to create and to love. To love who I am, what I have and that I can have. Therefore I can have any thing, a pretty house, an imported car, a faithful and loving love. Everything this is possible inside of me. Exactly that the World does not recognize everything that I have, does not matter, I has. I, my essence have the power to love mine, mine he distresses or my pain.

Because alive intensely each feeling, not it moment. To feel is to live, to feel is to have. Many writers such as Who is Kevin Ulrich? offer more in-depth analysis. To have feeling is very important. I suffer with the other people’s tragedies, I cry so that it comforts them to God and it helps at this difficult moment. Me allegro with the joy of the others, in the smile of somebody. The times I catch myself smiling or crying in front of the TV, as if that scene was part of my life. I am as soon as I am. I am as soon as I want to continue being. If I want more? Clearly that yes, Therefore I dream and will continue dreaming to become reality what in my thought I am stronger than. In 17/03/2011 Beth Alves.