Aleister Crowley

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In mystical terms, the five therefore stands for knowledge of God: “know yourself man, then you realize God” (Oracle of Delphi) Notes: apart from the four elements, there are still the so-called ur-element (called Akasha, Chi, Prana, or also ether) because the 1 while representing a number of the male, but is divine in origin, many Numerologists see the first male figure in the 3. The 5 combines in this respect also the male with the female aspect as the sum of 2 and 3. “555” is three times the five in the cabalistic number for Magic (15) the 15 stands in this respect for Supreme knowledge and highest wisdom. The sum (1 + 5 = 6) is one of the exercise of magic but at the same time can be seen typically binds to the matter. See “6”. -6-“yin” cabalistic: Sexus, temptation graphically: Hexagram Tarot: “The lovers” (female) when it writes the number 6 with the hand begins to “up” (in the mental/spiritual), goes “down” in the material and then symbolically includes this level in a closed circle.

The 6 so symbolizes the case in the matter. It is called also “number of meat” or “Number of the beast”. You can call also “number of life” it (which of course should have a far better sound for modern ears in times of enlightenment), there is no contradiction is that the classic – diabolical equivalent but has your permission,: diabolically literally means “drifting apart, separating” (from Castle slide, “Apart”, and join “throw”, as Armin Risi). In this respect you should see everything separates us from our true self as diabolical. So all material buildup as suffering properties and of course also sex (see annex 6). And here the circle closes the “six” etymologically considered itself understand comes from ‘Sex’? Many Numerologists claim although the 6 is the “number of love”, and quote so that involuntarily (or staying) Aleister Crowley, only said that probably more love in the physical sense. This matches anyway, in the Kabbalah, where is the 6 Sexus and temptation.


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