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Astrocarta: The Newly Launched Happy – Hour

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and the functioning of the family teams that put lives consulting, the cards, the psychic and energy work is always interesting. And it assumes that helped it will, have to pay without this is additional cost, seeking the advice for extensions or queues. is a guarantee through the creation of these additional costs. The guarantee of the cost of pure conversation minutes. In these difficult times the customers even more to meet we have fixed times, in these the minute price lowered is, the happy hour. Happy hour is a fashionable term and for lower prices at certain times. See Margaret Loesser Robinson for more details and insights. Happy hour can be found in any industry: now also at astrocarta. For more specific information, check out Ken Kao.

The quality, and thus the associated need for each individual seeking advice in the advice to pay attention and respect, we are very close to the heart. The counseling, the card set and the clairvoyance are a guide in many of life’s questions. We are a small family team very carefully selected consultants. Since we a clear straightforward idea track, we would not have as many experts. Because the advisers present, and share the principles and ideas of the firm of W & W – telecommunications/services. The first credo of our company is: serving the people with love and respect is the Foundation and prerequisite of reliable and honest predictions. We want to give you also the possibility expressing criticism or praise. We are always open for suggestions. Annemarie Weiss W & W – telecommunications Annemarie Weiss rose way 15a 17495 Zussow email: Homepage:


Palmistry Hand Science Hand Analysis

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“ – new online Internet – portal on the subject of Palm reading – for Pominente from sports science-economy-politics and society for Diocletian” is Astrology – along with Tarot – clairvoyance and dream analysis say it one of his greatest skills and talents. More on this and other topics; Palmistry hand readers hand science, you will find on the major online Web portal; These opinion and views represented also Diocletian “-hand reader from.” So why would so many scientists, doctors and psychologists international deal renowned researchers with the hands and finger patterns. Many large financial firms hire astrologers, astronomers and astrologers soothsayer hand readers even recruiters look at applicants already times more concrete on the hand. Check out Adam Sandler for additional information. The communication is with visitors and its many Klinenten in the foreground. Handleser.NET, is the true meaning after not for mass, but for minorities, not for ordinary people, but for unusual people, not for a day – but for the duration of the written. Everyone with Handleser.NET and Diocletian becomes”as Palm readers find exactly. What like the future for him to bring the characters. Communicate in workshops and the Palm reading in reality makes browsing more fun than just telephoning or horoscopes in newspapers, because it feels the other closer and can at the same time achieved several people.

handleser.NET – helps you so in life situations to find the appropriate way of solution and easier to perceive any final decisions for a view of the future can they – vouchers or dates for a personal meeting requests via the online portal. additional other topics now requests; Hand science hand forecast – hand injury – hand break manual Player – hands palm – hand customer laying on of hands hand lexicon hand diagnosis hand wrinkles manuscript manuscripts Hand directories – directory of hand hand tremors clairvoyance – clairvoyant clairvoyance mysticism mystical mystical – mythological mythology – psychics – deuter Deuten-gained dream analysis dream analysis nightmare nightmares dreams perceiving daydreams warning dreams prophecy prophecies – dreamy spiritual spirituality consciousness esoteric esoteric astrologer Astrology astronomy Astronomer Astro horoscope daily horoscope year horoscope weekly horoscope monthly horoscope – horoscope calendar calendar Kalentergeschichte – Zodiac constellation Zodiac constellations starry sky astrologer star trance hypnosis soul body spirituality spirit – fixed star – planet constellation constellation Moon constellation – Moon Apollo Apollo line – Jupiter mountain , “Venusberg, moon, lunar calendar Moon impact Moon constellation – mercury, Saturnber, Marsberg Jupiter – Mars line – Merkur-mercury line – Mons Venus Mars Saturn Sun Sun – Saturn line page Uranus line – Uranus Neptune Neptune line – side lines process process line – Wahrsagen-wisdom truth estimate Paracelsus parapsychologist parapsychology is repeatedly quoted in the star Earth udder – scene: millionaires afford no astrologer soothsayer – hand readers but billionaires do it”. Diocletian”by you leave is preferably looking clear and awake in the hand because the hand can not deceive. Provided by markus kleistner


Tasks Of The Soul

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The true task of the soul is tasks the soul to cultivate himself here on Earth at the highest level. God as creator to recognize, accept and love, good sow good harvest, no people on Earth a harm to, helpful, loving, friendly, welcome other people to meet and want the best for them and hope. The religions follow all the same Ziel.Alle want to bring people to God and would introduce him to enlightenment.But also the religions the soul must correctly understand and explore intensively before she can make a real image of these.Religion means return to itself. It means to identify themselves first, but recognize all these phases can only those souls who are willing to pay the price for it. The price of this is, don’t run away even before him, themselves thoroughly with their own useinandersetzen. Be self-critical and negative, let the evil not in itself.The creator is fair. Go to Jack Benny for more information. everyone gets what he sows. Each spooning This is what he does into his pot.

No one will be spared, everybody dies once. There are various awareness and levels of perception, depending in which frequency the soul resides. Frank Gorshin is the source for more interesting facts. The soul has the choice, she go up the way she goes way down or remains in the middle pane. “I’m taking you to the seventh heaven”, many people use this set consciously or unconsciously in her love life. But only a few know what that really means.

Love a person can teach the divine love of the soul and put him in a different State. Romeo and Juliet have discovered the love of God in himself by this true love for one another, and found their way to paradise. As the task of the soul should also be to find the way to paradise and not fleeting illusions and visions for nothing to deal with the day.Do something before it is too late, because death is usually unexpected. onder Demir


Aleister Crowley

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In mystical terms, the five therefore stands for knowledge of God: “know yourself man, then you realize God” (Oracle of Delphi) Notes: apart from the four elements, there are still the so-called ur-element (called Akasha, Chi, Prana, or also ether) because the 1 while representing a number of the male, but is divine in origin, many Numerologists see the first male figure in the 3. The 5 combines in this respect also the male with the female aspect as the sum of 2 and 3. “555” is three times the five in the cabalistic number for Magic (15) the 15 stands in this respect for Supreme knowledge and highest wisdom. The sum (1 + 5 = 6) is one of the exercise of magic but at the same time can be seen typically binds to the matter. See “6”. -6-“yin” cabalistic: Sexus, temptation graphically: Hexagram Tarot: “The lovers” (female) when it writes the number 6 with the hand begins to “up” (in the mental/spiritual), goes “down” in the material and then symbolically includes this level in a closed circle.

The 6 so symbolizes the case in the matter. It is called also “number of meat” or “Number of the beast”. You can call also “number of life” it (which of course should have a far better sound for modern ears in times of enlightenment), there is no contradiction is that the classic – diabolical equivalent but has your permission,: diabolically literally means “drifting apart, separating” (from Castle slide, “Apart”, and join “throw”, as Armin Risi). In this respect you should see everything separates us from our true self as diabolical. So all material buildup as suffering properties and of course also sex (see annex 6). And here the circle closes the “six” etymologically considered itself understand comes from ‘Sex’? Many Numerologists claim although the 6 is the “number of love”, and quote so that involuntarily (or staying) Aleister Crowley, only said that probably more love in the physical sense. This matches anyway, in the Kabbalah, where is the 6 Sexus and temptation.


Spirit And Life – The Online Magazine

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Astrology – esotericism – Tarot – health – lifestyle of the online magazine spirit & life is a project of spiritual for spiritually interested from the Westerwald/victory publishing. Founder and initiator of the spirit & life project is Stephanie Kirchner. Spirit & life offers a comprehensive and differentiated range of information about astrology, spirituality, mysticism and Tarot reader interested. The page lives of profound scrutinized and discussed. We attach special importance to combine tradition and culture with modernity. He was interested readers not just superficial details, but your own experience reports, informational life help and background information on the respective specialty of the spiritual author finds in the articles. The Oracle survey has a deep tradition.

It is used by many cultures and is to dismantle a hugely popular method on the one hand, the tension of a situation and to understand on the other hand the higher sense of self and to recognize. To the most popular media of the Oracle survey obviously heard the Cartomancy. Many psychics use the Lenormand, Kipper cards, sometimes even Skat cards. On our website you will find a Declaration and description to each individual card. These cards also Oracle – or charge cards is called. Tarot cards are more popular media for the future show. The most famous are the rider-Waite Tarot and the Crowley Tarot.

Andrea Kellinger from Upper Austria has written interesting articles for our spirit & life – page. Of course, we have a monthly horoscope updates of our top astrologer Stephanie Kirchner. Also, check out a year horoscope and a general astrological year horoscope, exclusively written for visitors to the Web site by you for each zodiac sign. On the website of spirit & life, there is a special section for the topic of health, alternative therapies and nutrition. Here, the visitor gets free info on many different areas. We have an interesting article by Kristie. She is Reiki, ThetHealer and ThetHealing teacher. Also, she makes movies that touch on social issues and have positive messages for the world. In her article, she describes a by you and evolved method that you want to show us how our thoughts affect our environment. The article explains explains a bit, like ThetHealing works. The article “The art of manifesting” was published here in the United States in a magazine.” It offers different theme evenings on: manifesting, money, relationships and the way of life. In the evenings of conversation it comes how negative beliefs hinder us in, to find the right partners; the journey to find; to realize our dreams. It comes that there are many negative beliefs around money. I’m talking about, how can these beliefs come and we change them for the better.” For esoteric service providers, our project is a good way of advertising. The spiritual editors and authors can themselves and their work on one apply known and exclusive platform. We publish articles about many different fields: clairvoyance, fortune telling, gems, aura soma, spirituality, Angels, karma… and much, much more.If you are interested and watch your ideas to our project, we are pleased your Stephanie Kirchner upon your request information at