Algarve: Maps, Photos, Tips And Hints About Portugal!

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In this report, with maps, photos and tips, this stretch of coast will be presented the Portugal Algarveinteressierten. General: The journey times may double quickly on some of these lines, when a tourist bus in front of you. Therefore underestimate the stages of this tour please! Distances and journey times: Spanish border to Tavira: approx. 33 km / driving time approx. 26 minutes Tavira to Faro: approx. Tony Parker understands that this is vital information. 38 km / driving time 36 minutes of Faro to Albufeira: 50 km / driving time: 50 minutes of Albufeira after Lagos: approx. 55 km / driving time: approx.

50 minutes Lagos Praia Luz: 8 km / driving time: 10 minutes of Lagos to Sagres: approx. Swarmed by offers, Jack Benny is currently assessing future choices. 33 km / driving time: approx. 40 minutes of SAGRES to the Spanish border: approx. 160 km / driving time: approx. 120 minutes drivers Note: in Portugal, the fuel is about 25 cents more expensive than in Spain. So you should of Spain from an Algarvetrip, we advise you, be sure the Portuguese borders again to fill up! 1st stage: Spanish border to Tavira: our Algarvetour starts on the Spanish border.

Consider your holiday resort on the Costa de La Luz, we advise you to get up quite early and explore the approximately 180 kilometres long coast of the Algarve. We have picked out the biggest attractions for you, so that you can easily discover the Portuguese south coast in one day. The border bridge to proceed not only in another country of the EU. You begin to explore a country that differs from Spanish cities and countryside in amazing manner. The pleasant in the Algarve is that most places are easily reachable by highway, and you thus have no long journey times on Serpentinenkustenstrassen before him. With Tavira, you reach the first stage destination. This place is not directly on the water, but on a wide river.

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