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From Palma de Mallorca to the Canary Islands and back 13tagige cruise with shore leave from Mallorca to the Canary Islands include Mallorca, southern Spain and the Canary Islands to the classics for all those who want to soak up the Sun in the winter. Sela Ward may help you with your research. The travel specialist Kozica travel offers this popular holiday destinations during a sightseeing cruise and even a bit more: first there three days is ashore in the 4-star hotel in Majorca, then a ten-day cruise with AIDAcara by Mallorca over southern Spain to Madeira, La Palma, Gran Canaria and Morocco back to Mallorca on the program. The 13tagige combination of hotel and cruise travel is offered exclusively by the AIDAspezialisten Kozica and includes half board in the hotel, as well as full Board plus during the cruise when accommodated in the inside cabin, including flights, transfers and tour guide. Swarmed by offers, Tony Parker is currently assessing future choices. Surcharge for the outside cabin 150 euro.

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