Art Nouveau

by yudaica2013 ·

Such a model – "an amateur" And how sound model names: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci! In a word – a work of art! Or maybe you are intrested in the door with the aging of the whole array? I do not mean the painted door, namely a tree. And older are also unique! This is not just wood with bugs. These doors are painted with lacquer, as if by them unevenly walked brush with paint. But their main feature – a dent! Yes, yes! It was dented. At the same cloth as polished – a miracle! Touching them is an amazing feeling.

Runs through his hands on all these bends of the warm wood And you do understand that and dents can not always do exactly the same. I mean, all these doors are unique! For completeness, the effect of dents made not only on canvas but also on the jamb. But the proximity of these doors at all incredible! In this same collection is extremely trendy lacquer doors. Bright colors, metal box and trim! As you Like this transition from classical to Art Nouveau? Submitted by a lot of veneer colors: burgundy, gray, blue, black, blue, green, orange and even multi-colored doors. The door may be a silver or the color of Zebrano.

And as more familiar shades, such as the national walnut, white, ivory, olive wood, teak or bleached oak (lacquered or matte). It's just a sea of choice! At the same time you can finish the track by selecting a particular leaf design: color trims and boxes may be not only black but also matched system ral. I should add that adds new color. That is, work on the collection is not complete. For example, matte and glossy Zebrano – it's news this year. I prefer glossy door. And if the door is still and dark shades, it is assumed you have at home is a mirror in full growth! Another "advantage" of these doors is the possibility of adding leaf in half. But the main distinguishing feature is the rounding of the end face cloths. This prevents the canvas from chips and scratches protruding corners, as well as making them more streamlined shape, pleasant to the eye and touch. That's such an amazing door. Here a multi-faceted collection, where there is an option for everyone!


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