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Then you will know how to raise levels in FarmVille. It is clear that you can choose to work continuously and raise level in FarmVille on behalf of your performance and the time that must be in the traditional manner and without get out of it, but surely you do not have the time needed to take and would like to have more land, more animal and a farm more complete without having to sacrifice so much time or effort. Pay attention to some of these tricks with which you can level up faster. You will need to unlock one than another item, some types of seeds and/or items that are necessary to improve your development and in this way you can upload FarmVille level much faster, but you will need to do this and it is almost essential to achieve this. Accessing the following FarmVille levels will receive some bonuses that the game is where you’ll make creditor of more experience points and coins. These XP (experience points) are really fundamental to move to following FarmVille levels, the You will need increasingly greater extent to advance in the game. You will reach them by obtaining tapes or ribbons, on these points lies much of the demand for FarmVille and achieve them one by one can be fun and how many more you have will be able to upload FarmVille level fairly quickly. You will need to pay particular attention to your seed crop cycles, knowing that a longer maturation times higher points you earn.

Equally if you decide to plant short maturing crops and harvest them several times a day can get the same performance, clear that more work and dedication, obtaining several XP at the end of the essential day to spend at following levels FarmVille. One short term of ripening crops and high yield are the Strawberries, in a size of 12 12 farm, harvesting every 4 hours generate 288 points of experience, in one day you can make it up to 6 times making you a good number of points that make up FarmVille level much quicker than you can imagine. Not only experience points that we get through harvesting our crops are needed to access following FarmVille levels, but also other activities that we will be able to develop in the meantime. Within them and already mentioned above, are those that have to do with obtaining tapes or ribbons of different colors and values, yellow, white, red and blue as is its order of importance in the game. A good way to win them is helping your neighbors and friends in the fertilization of crops, harvesting with them and giving them gifts, tasks that will make follow up in level FarmVille.

If you are already something advanced and have a considerable amount of coins, a good business to raise level in FarmVille is to invest in building constructions. When purchasing a building return you a one per cent in experience points the coins spent in it. So that when you buy a building for 200,000 coins it will return you within 2,000 experience points to your benefit, this coupled with other activities that I’ve recommended it will make you suddenly upload FarmVille levels and achieve more in less time, it is not what we seek always? Visit for many more tips to advance quickly in FarmVille.

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