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The Fiesta mayor offers this year again a spectacular program soon it is again. From 23 to 27 September turns Barcelona into a true dream town of full of spectacular events, traditional festivals and countless concerts. Whether 2009 everything you can only dream offers huge giant papier-mache, dancing Devils or fire-breathing Drachen…die Merce. The Festival, which is dedicated to the Mare de Deu de la Merce, also called Fiesta Mayor and is one of the most breathtaking celebrations in Barcelona. For five long days you can enjoy of fascinating traditional program points closer bring the Catalan culture and history.

Have you ever heard of the famous castells? It is one of the highlights of the Merce. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jorge Perez. In various public places, great human towers with multiple floors are built right in front of your eyes. A real goose bumps is thus guaranteed. A clearly, the Correfoc are another highlight. In this spectacular procession you don’t more come out from the amazement that evenings draw hundreds of people who dress up as a devil, demons or other mysterious creatures, through the streets and dance and jump back and forth between endless Fireworks and firecrackers. It is waiting a loud, exciting and thrilling ceremony accordingly. Of course also may be not the moves with the famous gegants (huge papier-mache figures) will be missed. You will learn about thus the Catalan history closer and above all a very special atmosphere, which is accompanied with traditional flute and drum music.

In addition to the traditional event points the Merce stands out also the immense range of concerts, street performers, shows, presentations, dances, etc. And you must not even pay for the unimaginable amusing entertainment, because the Merce is 100% free. What can you do expect more? If you want to enjoy Barcelona in a State of emergency, then you can visit the Merce 2009. The accommodation you must worry also. Rent apartments in Barcelona: the best alternative for an affordable and comfortable accommodation.

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