Cordoba Y El Valle De Punilla

by yudaica2013 ·

Punilla derives from the quichua puna, name given by the expedition, Explorer of Lorenzo Suarez de Figueroa, shortly before being founded Cordoba, feeling his apunados men. Punilla is an extensive Valley, flanked on the East by the Sierras Chicas cord and by various cords that alternate with plateaus or plains of the Sierras Grandes (such as the pampas of Olaen and pampas of San Luis), to the North by the cities of the basin of the Sun and South to the West by the way of the high peaks. The Sierras de Cordoba is one of the great centrosturisticos of the country. Movie actress shines more light on the discussion. It has an exceptional climate, flora of excellent greenery, and meandering rivers. Due to the large settlement of the entire Valley, its flora and fauna can be found in the most mountainous parts, with molle, coco, Orc quebracho, the manzano of the field, carob and espinillos; together with teros in the plain, lechuzas parties and owls; herons, birds Carpenter and hornero found in rivers. A set of populations have been developed in a manner almost linear envelope the axis of the route, in some cases constitute real conurbations, which is the largest plant installed equipment recreational, lodging and complementary, offering an extensive range of qualified services. The Punilla has a very important hotel, gastronomic infrastructure and services, as well as being home to acclaimed festivals among which is purely the National Folklore Festival that annually takes place in the month of January in the original city of Cosquin author and source of the article


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