Improve The Relationship Of Partnership

by yudaica2013 ·

I want to begin with this text. I leave hanging many more in the website: what to do against a conflict? In case of not being able to avoid colliding in front against an important conflictoes not panicking and follow the trajectory of life tusproyectos, solvable or not solvable won’t aoffice nothing stay stopped leaving to pass the tiempovisualizando what happened or thinking of something that only in the moment of truth can be resolved. Mundial helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In addition to that tussentimientos or thoughts are going to be the same in lainteraccion. It may be a conflict that swerve too andour course mind, now, at this moment, continue with projects can be negative, so you sit very well tomarun rest and relaxation that problem, cooling of this maneray and can think with more calm in the case of estarcaliente the matter. What can help us in case deperder the course is starting again. We will thus begin to meet us again, to ask us quequeremos, we feel, how to solve the conflict for which two parties win or at least set aside the pain and the penaen as far as possible. Usually happen that appreciation for the other person us hagaenganarnos, so we will be fooling the other person and the most important it ourselves. The only thing that is consiguecon this is do the snowball (the mental conflict) most and largest.

I.e., we enlarge the pain, punishment, etc. For all the goods, you do not increase the bad, decrease it. You liberated you.A flower grows more beautiful how much better are the condicionesexteriores that surround it. And humans have a perception that is created between external conditions and its interior. So that if you put your inner yexterior in order, you know yourself and desenredas the knots end up drowning lasensacion. Important: Try to avoid them. Possible outcomes.

-Lose-lose: both sides lose. When it is not known or sepuede solve the problem, either due to wear oppor opposed ideals that preclude an entreambas agreement parties.-lose-win: through an agreement or decision a part ganay another loses. One of the parties is sacrificed. Normalmenteesta solution just by breakage of fluidity between the dospartes (in the short or long term)-win-lose: Similarly happens with this case, it is above identicoal. It is the same projection and final-win-win: the two parties win through appropriate and applied before unadecision hand with the pensamientomutuo, which indicates the clarity of coordination. It can be an ootra decision, i.e. or rupture or mutual agreement promoting deesta way vision that can solve the conflictosentre both. That if this solution only reaches port if the two partesinterfieren a friendly projection. This solution gives muchoen por amor, i.e. selfless love. Continue reading at http:www.problemas-solucion.es why this is just the beginning.

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