Interior Design

by yudaica2013 ·

You finally bought land outside the city and just steps away from a dream to build a 'house in the village' to create your own interior design? Let me give you some guidelines to translate his plans and interior design home site will give you many happy moments. To paraphrase a wise saying, first we create a house and then he created us. Comfortable housing and interior design is hardly possible without knowledge of some basics architecture and construction business. Each of us wants to make your home and interior design according to their own tastes. But what is really a kind of interior design and furnishing of grounds can we make? Leave to the pore interior design house and move from the land. (A valuable related resource: movie star).

It is better to divide it into functional zones. We must not forget about the proportionality of zones and structures that are placed on them (the house, gazebo, guest house, etc.) to some structures are not inhibited by their impressive size others. As interior design and arrangement of the site should be different proportionality and attention to detail. The first rule – the site should have a slight bias in the side of the road. Plan area plot so as to form three functional zones: the living – a house, a front approach, flower beds, lawns, pavilions, playground, swimming pool, garden – trees, vegetable garden, greenhouse; shopping – a bath or a sauna, a bathroom (if the house they are not), trash containers, etc. On the part of the site adjacent to the road, you can put a nice solid wall. And in the border area can be planted shrubs and tall construct at least a high fence. After that, think about interior design country house.


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