New Souvenirs

by yudaica2013 ·

The ominous and impious sleep of that solitary night revealed the premessenger, still confused, of a dream that came me without asking for to the least license: I woke up scared. It lacks courage to me to confess that it was overwhelming and sad; my breath already little did not obey the slow rhythms the occurrences and it felt a soul to me without the perception of the body. It sweated; my thoughts still fumegavam; the intranqilidade was well-known and still met in an unconscious situation. Some images in my mind to the times were clear, but generally obscure. The reply for what it feels in that instant she seemed vacant, cold and sarcastic as if it laughed at my weakness, my feelings and said ' ' not you conheo' '.

Being thus, the inevitable fear, the incompreenso and pursued me to the solitude, hammered me constantly and won me it the few until leaving me of an inexplicable anguish ahead! Still lying, I look my look for the ceiling. Without more resisting vagarosamente, I feel a hot tear draining in my face. I perceive and I understand that it would be useless to fight against the souvenirs. Everything seemed to say that I would have that to learn to coexist them. I fight one more time against the sad images that I have of your last tatuadas hours; marked in me. I say in my silence: ' ' I perceive that we move away in them; I understand that we do not find culprits so that this came to occur, a time that the biggest evidence between us would have to be a sincere love, but that, for occasion of the cruel destination, it confided breaches for vacant, confused and impious situaes.' ' After long moans, I leave to become me for the memories candies: your spontaneous smile, the affectionate look, the order of ' ' one more time ' ' to my attitudes of affection for you; of our gestures of total understanding consideration; the subjectively pleasant to ahead leave day most beautiful of what and more valuable, radiating and yesterday motivante taste of the next one tomorrow; the gostosa outburst of laughter, hearing my jokes without favour or my insistent histories of affection perhaps stops with somebody for who was made use to really construct a bond lasting: you! At last, a sincere memory of happy moments that to your side inesquecivelmente I lived.


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