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Voices Of The Cemetary

by yudaica2013 ·

Voices of the cemetary – That place is this which brought me to you? – Which is dust! You did not say that she wanted a hidden place well? Then, we are in the cemetary! – Cemetary! It did not need to exaggerate! – How nothing my good me of the one kiss! It almost kneaded it with one I hug, the young woman tried to desvencilhar itself and the attention called it: – Ronaldo listens! I hear voices – Active or passive? – It releases of being idiot! What it is this of passive active or? – Active it is when it is the citizen that practises the action, in mine in case that when I kiss you, I practise an action It releases – Me, you hurting is me Trying still to desvencilhar itself I hug of it and to deviate You was kissed by me – He is, but I do not want more being kissed for you and nor I want that kiss you me. I am heard voices and I am with fear! It each more joking time: – Active or passive Voice my love? – Ronaldo! Nor active and nor passive! Ronaldooo! – Then it is reflexiva voice My good! – It releases of trick, I am in a serious way! – It trusts me The reflexiva voice is when the citizen makes the action in he himself. Therefore we do not have to fear.> It lost the patience desvencilhou itself of the arms of the boyfriend. She left the place she waited and it to the side of the pole where the light the mercury reigned. Contact information is here: Sela Ward. – My good what it is this? It released me in the alone cemetary! – Engraadinho – It passed the arm to it for on the shoulder and had been for the school. In the way a friend, already with the friends, one of them inquired: – Killed today the first lesson Luciana? – Not! We were to the cemetary to study grammatical! The colleague looked at for the two with a sacanagem face: Ours, that place to study! Very romantic! as soon as sets the nugget in is. (Ademar Oliveira of Rasp)


The Place

by yudaica2013 ·

In the center of this, however, under a dark wooden stream bed, the dream slept pale that it has very has. It was come close. The dirty white land feet had touched the cold rocks of the soil. Here, Vanessa Marcil expresses very clear opinions on the subject. slowly it saboreou that moment. When it looked at for the asleep, cold and white face as a statue, its heart palpitou with force, remembering beautiful hours between roses and beauties gardens, and poems and songs. Its trembling hand was come close to the face that it already knew of color and touched the skin frozen. It moved away mechas from dark hair that covered the closed eyes.

Eyes that, it remembered well, was of a deep green. Eyes that never would confide again for greet it in the passed furtive dawns in the relento of the garden. To deepen your understanding Ben Bretzman is the source. It removed the long veil, discovering its face, and nailed its lips to the ones of it. The flavor of that kiss was salty for the tears that it ran for the face and bitter taste for being a farewell: the last kiss of that love so badly predestinold, destined to die so early. – Lady, I must take the unhappy poor person! – The grave-digger Said, who disturbs the room.

– Before apodrea! It seats with the head. The man observes to close the box that will forever keep the physical resqucio of something wanted and loved excessively to be able itself to explain. The grave-digger led, with aid of others two employees, the coffin until the place of perpetual rest. The land was play over it, while, to far, the eyes of it folloied that movement of shovels and land. The tablet was waxed, with the written name and dates, while it still continued there. The grave-digger and the employees had been even so, but it was. Aconchegou it the tomb of cold rock. It removed the veil, releasing it in the lawn. It inside placed the hand of corset and slowly, silverplated and beautiful, its commitment alliance showed, sharp. It smiled well aiming the wheted surface. Slowly, she closed the eyes and she smiled while the blade was embedded in its heart. The grave-digger followed until there. – Poor of this young woman, who so early loses a dear being! – He thought while he went until it. He needed to close the cemetary and it still he was there. When he arrived, saw that he was leaned over on the tomb. The full veil of flowers on the tomb. It was come close with care and it placed the hand in the shoulder of it. – Lady? – She called. It was cold. It held it for the two shoulders he moved away and it from the cinereous tablet. Its white dress was spotted of blood, and a punhal of silver was cravado in its chest. It smiles, calm and candy, as asleep angel.


That Manuel

by yudaica2013 ·

Nobody knows exactly, but port has an anniversary party there. Manuel decides to go there. It only can be there same. It finds the house. It is accurately the one that the youngster indicated. It finds an old one there, accurately as the one that the friend says to it. He was same there.

Manuel enters and sits down. It finds half different. It does not have none known there. He is thus same there. As in all the parties, also it has some there bebuns and Manuel if it leans in them. They talk very and they drink still more.

The party until it is livened up. Manuel already meets idiot very. The marked hour arrives. Half night. All are arisen. The aniversariante goes to appear. The party is of rich people. The pie is great. Manuel passes the language in the beios. The roundworms start if to move in the belly of it. It does not obtain to aguentar. The lights if erase. Velinhas is lighted. It does not see the aniversariante that arrives. He goes to blow velinha. It erases itself, all beat to palms and the lights if they light. All smiling and are livened up. Manuel swallows in dry when it sees the aniversariante. It is a baita of a negro that the blood of Manuel freezes. It nor knows if it is blood that runs more in its veins. Manuel has that to leave from there. It is one penetrates in that house. The aniversariante nothing he has to see with known its. He entered in the wrong party. He goes leaving devagarinho, when the old one interpellates it: why he is going so early? It is more time. Now he is that the party goes to start. Manuel invents everything how much it is type of excuses to leave, but the old one is there cutucando it. I go to search the Manuel to fire to you. Manuel? That Manuel? The Manuel asks. The aniversariante, is clearly. My master. Ah, yes! The Manuel – the Manuel says. It goes there inside to search the Manuel and Manuel use to advantage to fall in the world. if this such of Manuel stranger to find odd the Manuel? It is felt well better far from there. Where it complicates if it put the Manuel now?


Pink Guimaraes

by yudaica2013 ·

Normally who was my grandfather would make this, however velhinho it came of umdefluxo and to get rid itself of the bother it takes remedy hot and not to podiaentrar in frozen water! He is and the deceased would be washed in a stream pertodal! Already he had a good one oitada of people if prontificando there paraajuda them in what he came, since that was not to wash the deceased! The meutio, although not to have as much courage thus, assumed the role as sefosse a specialist in this. How that it would go to run away from the service peranteum good number of people and from mooilas gifts? It was risen numpedestal and with the loaded neck of all its garbosidade, was parao sacrifice! Doishomens had caught the corpse in the room they had brought and it until the wagon. Oburro, pulled that it, looked at for the load and with one to blink of an eye was sassemelhou if to bless it as if it remembered the Pink Guimaraes in deseus stories! He is reading, the case is serious! We human beings do not enxergamosbem the night, we have fear of countenance in the dark one, we imagine you them donkeys we queenxergam the night well! Already you of the one of meeting still more thought if about a beautiful day comuma assombrao and knowing and knowing who it is essadesgraada? We let us leave the racicnio of donkey of the side and go nospacataus-pacataus of the life! Deceased encarroado rank and. Odois, my grandfather and my uncle, had gone up in the wagon and had followed in direction aoriacho! In one timo had arrived. The case deserved urgency. Although estarmorto, it deserved a special attention, would be the host of casanaquela day and during all night would be in the center of the wanted room receiving aspessoas.


New Souvenirs

by yudaica2013 ·

The ominous and impious sleep of that solitary night revealed the premessenger, still confused, of a dream that came me without asking for to the least license: I woke up scared. It lacks courage to me to confess that it was overwhelming and sad; my breath already little did not obey the slow rhythms the occurrences and it felt a soul to me without the perception of the body. It sweated; my thoughts still fumegavam; the intranqilidade was well-known and still met in an unconscious situation. Some images in my mind to the times were clear, but generally obscure. The reply for what it feels in that instant she seemed vacant, cold and sarcastic as if it laughed at my weakness, my feelings and said ' ' not you conheo' '.

Being thus, the inevitable fear, the incompreenso and pursued me to the solitude, hammered me constantly and won me it the few until leaving me of an inexplicable anguish ahead! Still lying, I look my look for the ceiling. Without more resisting vagarosamente, I feel a hot tear draining in my face. I perceive and I understand that it would be useless to fight against the souvenirs. Everything seemed to say that I would have that to learn to coexist them. I fight one more time against the sad images that I have of your last tatuadas hours; marked in me. I say in my silence: ' ' I perceive that we move away in them; I understand that we do not find culprits so that this came to occur, a time that the biggest evidence between us would have to be a sincere love, but that, for occasion of the cruel destination, it confided breaches for vacant, confused and impious situaes.' ' After long moans, I leave to become me for the memories candies: your spontaneous smile, the affectionate look, the order of ' ' one more time ' ' to my attitudes of affection for you; of our gestures of total understanding consideration; the subjectively pleasant to ahead leave day most beautiful of what and more valuable, radiating and yesterday motivante taste of the next one tomorrow; the gostosa outburst of laughter, hearing my jokes without favour or my insistent histories of affection perhaps stops with somebody for who was made use to really construct a bond lasting: you! At last, a sincere memory of happy moments that to your side inesquecivelmente I lived.


Royalty Giraffe

by yudaica2013 ·

At a distant time, when all the animals governed its proper lives, it had a great agitation, had started to spread for all the cantos the idea of that if that situation it continued, the life would finish for if becoming great baguna, animals would enter in extinguishing, having unchained a disastrous ambient desiquilibrio. All the animals, with excesso of the ostrich that it preferred to thread its head in a hole any, if had congregated, being the lion, true mentor of all that intellectual revolution, located in the point highest, leading all that quarrel. After to explain because they would have finally in all that anarchy, the lion finally placed its manguinhas of is: _ Precisamos a leader, Somebody that fight for the interests of all with justice and generosity, and nobody better that I, or vocs acho that this juba is only one ornament? Not! It is the predestined crown of one. It had a great grumble but soon it was suffocated by the surprising theory of juba. Almost all had kept silent ahead of that revelation, but four animals had protested, therefore also they had interest in if to become kings of all that bicharada, had been they: the giraffe, the elephant, the snake and the monkey. The giraffe was the pimeira to defend its interests: they _Olhem for me, they repair in my elegance and graciosidade, a perfect aesthetic set and spiritual, with all this air of nobility has of being chosen it to I. The lion answered: _ A true necessary king to have firm pulse, and not enxergo in you so great quality. The agreement was unanimous, however the elephant used to advantage the breach given for the lion and if propos to say: _ So great described quality for carissimo lion is Xerox of my personality and intellectuality, festejem, therefore they had finished to find your king.