Old Atheist Truth

by yudaica2013 ·

They do not have fear of the ones that faith has, but yes of the skeptics, therefore without fear you are welcome they go destroying concepts and burglarizing rules. The skeptics do not use limit pra to think and nor to desire, only has the infinite to initiate the way of its freedom. The skeptics are not imprisoned in its alcoves dreaming with the furor of the life and nor if they imprison in a marked world the iron and fire for sin. They do not have fear of employee dresses of uniforms and nor with liberal professionals, they tremble before everything the poets. They close the doors and the windows, try to stifle its verses, but they do not forget that exactly imprisoned under a venal society, the poetry cries out its revolt. It does not advance to tear and nor to burn the estribilhos of poems. The phrases will go to echo for the millions of ears hypocritical imbeciles and who if had become deaf people for trying to keep the mediocre appearance of the falseness. George karfukel follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. They do not have fear of the sober ones, however of the drunks! Its truths are not silent and nor try to hide themselves behind accusations against its behavior.

The drunk is the free one, is escancaro e, therefore does not point its dirty finger that cleaned many times a m that the shame lack perfumed. It does not try to imprison it in its bred arrests to only contain the shout of the truth. They do not have fear of the ones that inside load the anger of the heart, but of that always has a hand estirada friend. She has fear of the rose, its perfume she can silence the anger, she can seduce, she can enchant. The estirada hand is one covers in the face of that they look in the vile metal the failure that was until today its life. The hand friend is the squeeze of welcome to who never knew to walk of hands given for the crooked ways of the life. The skeptic, the poet, the drunk, always walks of hands given with the hand friend and tries to make the wheel of the life to turn in contrast. To change the route of the destination and to show that the truth always is escancarada. ' ' But who has heard to hear that oua' '! In the truth I am ' ' an old atheist, a drunk singer, poeta' ' vocs what they are?


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