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Jose Luis Hunter

by yudaica2013 ·

Revelations of the Z Master Jose Luis Hunter of the Conceio In one day tired and with much sleep, I decided to wake up accurately for the force of my alarm-clock to the five hours of the morning to face the daily maratona. As they know the life of an educator is not far from easy, mainly for a person as I who earn very little and when arrive at the end of the month not surplus none ' ' trocadin' ' to eat one moqueca of fish, potato fries and to drink that beer frozen in the beach of the Pratigi. I took my bath, coffee, brushed my teeth, I paved my tennis, I arranged the knapsack, I caught the ship of the film Day in the Stars and to leave for a healthy fight. When arriving, I parked it in the door of the fresburgolandia Educational Center -, place that work as Writing professor. When leaving the ship it guesses who meeting? This exactly.

A battalion of pupils hugging me, kissing me. Madness, madness, loucuraaaaaaaaaaa. At this moment it seemed a star of Hollywood, nothing more nothing less than Brad Pitt. In the truth I am a gala of the cinema, a choquito inside of a box of chocolate I point out that I am one of the stars of the constellation, but this does not come the case. I gave a flyer that I learned in the film the Beetle in those benditos pupils and to ask for to give space so that she could pass. All had given to a beautiful outburst of laughter and I who I was not silly, ' ' casquei' ' it are and I was direct it my cabinet to seat in my revolving chair donated by the prince of England Wilian with the assent of its grandmother Queen Elisabete II and sancionado by its father Charlles Prince to wait the schedule of the lesson to touch.