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Discounts and bonuses are very important in the formation of pricing policies. Giving the consumer a discount as if we smile and give a gift for your purchase has not been done by the buyer. The same discount you can do in a situation where deadline goods so then it just did not throw. ce throughout. Buyer should understand that the availability of discounts is not a reason to think uchto product is spoiled or unfit for use. The same discount can be made for goods which the buyer plans to acquire in the future. Ie get a bonus for the purchase of the next purchase.

However, there are cases and when the discount is given for poor quality goods and should carefully consider whether chasing discounts and buy this product even if the product has a very large discount. Sometimes discounts are given simply for the sake of discount stores when the product is visible or minor deffekty. But clearly discounts it is always a way to attract a broad mass of consumers, for the sake of it even possible to donate profits from one type of goods for profit from the goods to which the Discounts are not. Agree if the store oranges discounted, it hardly will you go away from the store only to oranges. And what is the bonus? The bonus is when we buy a car you get insurance or a set of winter tires. Buying glasses we get a rag to wipe the lenses. This is bonus. Now we understand the role played by discounts and bonuses in the creation of pricing publicly traded company.


Outdoor Advertising

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That ads can get people's attention to a variety of advertised sites. If we noticed a poster advertising a new beer, at least he will be remembered, that's how we act on the ads. The advertising message can be brought to the buyers with the lcd screen on the entertainment center, with posters along the route. During the crisis, outdoor advertising has also lost share of revenue, but this year is expected to good growth. Advertisers are trying to use new means of attracting customers.

Advertising in the media is gradually disappearing into the background, it displaces, for example, outdoor advertising in Moscow. And on country roads to drive their cars more and more Russians. It is very important to correctly choose the place where the need to place ads. We are so accustomed to the fact that outdoor advertising is present in all places that do not pay for it his attention. On the highway you can see billboards that invite passers-break. With the onset of the tourist season well-known travel agencies book informative banners on the main street. Posters stores more often you can see on the bus stop.

Near the subway there posters of retail goods and are trying to advertise alcohol, such as stadiums. Now every form which has an outer Advertising can be classified as a class. High quality outdoor advertising in Moscow, namely the use of billboards, included in many advertising strategies. The second important sector – outdoor advertising in Moscow transport, mobile posters, other outdoor advertising.