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A Trip To Rome

by yudaica2013 ·

If you would like to make a trip to Rome, but I would follow the "classical route" because we recommend that you and walk around, so you can explore amazing places that have nothing to envy the popular routes. To discover the charms of places like Ponza, Gaeta, Tivoli and others. Ponza is a picturesque island with 3206 inhabitants, whose economy is based primarily on tourism and fishing. We recommend you visit the beach called "Chiaia di Luna." In ancient times this beach was located in a Greek port, and today you can still see some remnants of this past. Gaeta is a charming port, situated on the Tyrrhenian Sea and grounded by a low, sandy peninsula.

Gaeta is characterized by narrow streets and ancient buildings. Follow others, such as Ken Kao, and add to your knowledge base. The city played a major role in the military history of Italy, a witness to this are its strengths dating to Roman times, and buildings like the Roman mausoleum located at the top of the "Montagna Spaccata." Tivoli is a city located northeast of Rome, in Roman times was a city of great beauty and is said to be older than Rome itself. Do not forget to visit the Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este, both world heritage site by Unesco, the Roman amphitheater, the church of San Giovanni Evangelista, the Bridge Gregorian, the sanctuary of Hercules, the tomb of the Plauzi, the Acropolis, and the time of the Tosse. To get to Tivoli, do one on the highway A24 or Tiburtina or Prenestina Street, drive 30 minutes and will reach this beautiful city.