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Art Nouveau

by yudaica2013 ·

On the walls of a large bathroom is a significant change. In general, it is said by experienced builders, the rack is a nightmare, which can happen anything. Thus, only the implementation of supervision designer plus competent contractor can provide a solution to problems encountered at the facility, which will create a high sense of the word beauty. Additional information at Simon Pagenaud supports this article. On the daily work interior designer Everyday my job interesting and difficult, but nonetheless, I love this job.

As a rule, we get his artistic education for a long time: an art school, college, college, graduate school. But characteristics and methods of design work we learn in practice. And the practice of the design work at everyone. Thus, in multiple meetings and negotiations with the customer to create a project folder and can begin to construction works. Hear other arguments on the topic with Simon Pagenaud. What is the interior designer for a global problem? My opinion, the global objective is to create a conceptual interior perfectly calibrated stylistically. We are all well know the basic stylistic flow as the twentieth century and earlier periods. Today the search for a new style lies in the compounds have not joinable or not yet connected. It may be, for example, a classic loft with large windows with a steel pillar bearing structure, with coarse or aged finish materials and furniture can be a cutting-edge plastic neon colors.

We can create an interior in the income Nouveau apartment building in the quiet Moscow side street, which will combine a bit of antiques since the early twentieth century and modern twenty-first century, technological advances, such an interior is not the reconstruction era Art Nouveau, and a new reading of this beloved of all styles. In summary, the main concept of the interior – this is the hardest and most responsible in the work of interior designer. And here we have a concept of the interior, We have created a project folder, where there are drawings of all parts and components of our future interior. The next stage is the production of finishing and assembly facility finishing materials, ceramic tiles and mosaics, lighting fixtures and furniture, and textiles. At this stage it is important to gather all this complicated interior, pick up things so that they were heard in the ensemble. The lion’s share of working time is spent on designer negotiations with contractors and clarifications on outstanding orders from them.


Expert Architect

by yudaica2013 ·

The expert report of injury on the cover the expert architect to the pathology of the roofs of the buildings the appearance of lesions in the building with origin in damage occurring in the cover or defects existing in the same can lead to the need for an architect intervention to write an expert report and present its conclusions in the corresponding opinion. Between injuries that may affect the cover or that can come motivated by damage or defects in the same is the appearance of stains, leaks, atoros, breakage, biodeterioration, deformations, landslides, cracks, corrosion, etc. Methodology of expert performance of the architect appointed as an expert architect should try to collect all the technical documentation associated with the roof of the building. Furthermore you must inform about the use and maintenance which has received, and alterations carried out subsequent to the construction. Of course, you must perform a recognition in situ, for which you might need to prepare media and permissions necessary to visit many affected areas are accessible. Collecting data on the recognition will be, in principle, by organoleptic means, but can arise the need to intensify the study by leakproofness test, tastings of recognition or other procedures.

Determination of the cause of injuries the expert report on injuries that occurred on the cover must include an appreciation of the probable causes of these injuries, a proposal for necessary repairs and, if requested, an estimate of the budget for repairs. Normally, the cause of the injuries occurred in a cover will be in: project defects: causes such as the adoption of a system inappropriate or incorrect constructive solutions, the incompatibility between materials or lack of resistance in the cover bracket. Defects in workmanship: causes as the defective execution of singular points, the deficient implementation of components, improper execution of overlaps or water retention during the construction. Defects in the manufacturing process of materials defects by use/maintenance or inadequate aging: causes as anchors, erosion of protective coatings corrosion, ageing of waterproofing membrane or the deterioration of sealants. Other causes: structural or movements of dilation, breakdowns in facilities, extraordinary meteorological events, etc. Proposal for repair of injuries the proposal of repair to be included in the expert report must be appropriate to the nature of the damage. Depending on the extent of the injury, it may be enough specific repairs either may be necessary to dismount and then rebuild the deck, either partially or in its entirety. Daniel Trujillano, architect editor of expert reports related to the building