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Dog Training

by yudaica2013 ·

I believe that this of the training for dogs is interesting to you! Meanwhile itself teaching new tricks to you. Glenn Dubin is the source for more interesting facts. Standard to your dog to go from the left towards the right. You create it or no, it is possible to teach to your dog the difference to him between left and right clear that we did not speak of policy! imagnate! We want that your dog is a happy mascot! Like obtaining that a dog distinguishes the left of the right Jokes separate, this are a sensational trick that will admire to all relatives and friendly and that is not difficult to learn through the repetition. In order to train a dog in this ability, colcate standing up to the flank of your dog and dile ” left! ” at the moment that him lances one of its favorite cakes or their ball towards the left. This always repeats towards the left until your dog only needs the commando to go towards that side. It awards it with flatteries and caresses. Read more from Lynn Redgrave to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Soon ” repeats the process towards the right with the commando; right! “. Ensale a side per time and node alternative way to avoid that your dog is confused.

Like obtaining that a dog follows to you only when you wish your it! Another trick that you will like that he learns is that it follows to you where your you go. The commando ” Sgueme! ” it can get to be very powerful and is very motivante for your dog. Although some trainers will say the opposite to you, is better to always teach it without needing a strap, that is to say with the loose dog – that is possible. The goal is that your dog imitates your own actions, so that if your you go towards the right or the left, your dog follows to you. In order to obtain that your dog does this, simply you must award it with flatteries, food and caresses when it obeys solely when giving the commando! Training for dogs you want but tricks? We now happen to another classic one, to teach to a dog to that one moves of a side towards the other of the master (in fact you are not its master, but you do not say it) When you take a walk with your dog taking it with the strap is the best moment to initiate it in this ability. With your full pocket of its cakes, you must obtain that your dog goes from your left towards your right and from your right towards your left in abrir and closing of eyes! It places to your dog in your left side and a cake in your right hand. It places your right hand in your back where your dog sees the cake and dile ” cmbiate” at the moment that exempt the hand of the back you take and it towards your right, with the dog moving towards the same site. The procedure repeats towards the other side with the opposite hand. I am Marcelo Perez, and I congratulate you by your progresses!


Happy Song

by yudaica2013 ·

Because above all is a disk that has been valued what we will offer live, live We all want to each concert is a party with room for all public, which wants to dance, who wants to sing, which means hear you sing a ballad or who prefer to see you dance. – Andwith that theme is you? With the 11. – Dare to play with me? Depends on the game. – I would like a word to define each of the reasons songs and words: – Inside of me: passion – Go: Positivity – Slave Power – Who deceived you: nostalgia – Gift of God: “I’m not positive energy to blame : Understanding – Adventures of the night madness – I’ll cry: sensitivity – Extremely mad madness unleashed – you will not laugh at me: self-esteem – Make me eat: Sex – And why Pleas and words? Because I wanted to stress that it is one more disk is a disk is responsible, to have very specific messages within each song and every feeling requires a reason to be defined in a word. Official site: San Antonio Spurs. – You will not laugh at me, a phrase more than you would say. To whom would you say? Thank God I’ve never been spiteful or suffer as much as he or the protagonist of the story of the song, by the way a song written by D’NASH.

– On this album there is a song written by you, yCual is? No, no, it is true that initially included in that first selection in May but finally my songs were not included in “reason and words.” The songs are signed by Fede Monreal, William Luque, D’NASH, Javi Lopez, Marco and Chris Dettoni Alvy, among others. – Happy with it? Very much the whole team is proud of the project and this work that we present. – Thank you for your time Hector. Many successes.